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"Let not your hearts be troubled; believe in God, believe also in me." (RSV) John 14.1
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The Story of Christ Catholic Church

By Bishop Karl Pruter

Booklet $6.90

Christ Catholic Church
What is it?

By Father Paul Dunn

Booklet $1.00

Cure of Souls

Leather Look book packaged in beautiful gift box.

by Dr. Robert L. O'Block


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Episcopi Vagantes and the Anglican Church

by Henry R.T. Brandreth
Preist of the Oratory of the Good Shepherd


Financing the Local Parish

By Karl Pruter



James DeKoven
Anglican Saint

Edited by Thomas C. Reeves



By Hugo R. Pruter


One Day with God

By Karl Pruter


The Directory of Autocephalous Bishops of the Apostolic Succession

By Bishop Karl Pruter


The Divine Liturgy

According to the Use of

The African Orthodox Church


The House Church Movement

By Rev. Karl Pruter

Booklet $1.00

The Mystic Path

By Bishop Karl Pruter


The People of God

By Fr. Karl Pruter


The Priest's Handbook

By Bishop Karl Pruter


The Rite of Conferring Orders

Translated from the Roman Pontifical in 1909 by Archbishops Gerardus Gul and Arnold Harris Matthew


The Strange Partnership of George Alexander McGuire and Marcus Garvey

By Karl Pruter


The Teachings of the Great Mystics

by Reverend Karl Pruter


The Catholic Priest
A guide to Holy Orders

By Bishop Karl Pruter


A Do It At Home Retreat
A most helpful guide to anyone who desires to make an Ignatian retreat but is unable to make the "Spiritual Exercises" in a normal retreat. It is designed for those who want sincerely to place themselves "face to face" with God.

By Andre Ravier, S.J.


Live Like a Monk Outside the Walls

By Father Karl Pruter



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